About Us


My name is Michael D. King. 

I was born and raised in San Antonio, as was my beloved wife. 

We attended Catholic schools, were raised in Catholic homes and were so poorly formed by what I call “post-Vatican II mis-conceptualizism” that 

I am amazed and thankful to almighty God that the voice of Truth still found its way into our marriage.

I need to tell you a few things that may make it easier to understand our legitimacy in addressing you about these issues:

Neither my wife nor myself completed our undergraduate studies, 

so we don’t have college degrees.

We live in a small home (1500 sq. ft.) and we rely on one income 

(and I'm self employed so sometimes there is no income).


I’ve kissed a lot of frogs in my career. 

I've done a lot of things; run factories, restaurants, warehouses, dealerships... 

I  am now a REALTOR ® 

In business / jungle terms - I eat what I kill. 

No sales, no income.



My wife and I were married in 1986 and our first child – a girl was born 11 months later. Our next child – a boy - was born 24 months after that.

So, by the time we had been married three years, we had our boy and our girl and like most American Catholics –  while never using artificial contraception - we “closed up shop” using NFP.

And then something happened… and four years later, 

we had another little girl.

By the time we had been married seven years, we had two children, then in the next seven years, we had five more. 

By the time we had been married 20 years, we had 10 kids. 

We had our 11th child in June of 2010. Six girls and five boys and we can't imagine life without every single one of them! 

Our four oldest children are married with families of their own. 

We are grand-parents! 

In addition, it should be said, contrary to what we are led to believe about the financial ruin brought on by large, poor families, of our eldest six children, five have graduated from the University of Dallas. 


 I should also mention that, after 24 hours of labor with our first child, it was determined that my wife has what ObGyn’s call CPD (Cephalopelvic Disproportion) that’s where the babies head is supposedly too large to fit through the birth canal. 

It’s diagnosed a lot these days, because difficult births can be diagnosed this way and then the best alternative is to perform a C-section, and more than half of all births now are performed by c-section. 

Because nobody wants more than two kids nowadays it’s of little consequence. 

So my wife did not just deliver her 11th child in her late 40's but she delivered all 11 of them by C-section. 

 Imagine, if you will, having the same organ removed from your body, opened up, cleaned out, sewed up and then re-inserted back into your body, 11 times over a 23 year period of time. 



The reason I‘m telling you these things about us, is because these are the reasons so many couples give as to why they either don't want children or stop being open to more children    –    no college degree  -  not enough income  -  too small a house  -  difficult pregnancies - - - My wife and I live with all of these things and are living a very, very happy and full life, the kind of life God designs, not us. 

Our life is hard – but our life is full, good, true and has great purpose.  I don't know anyone who is more in love than my wife and myself. We have learned through our family and our openness to life that the key to happiness is to understand God’s will and to make it your will.


Be Not Afraid!

Thank you for taking the time to listen to the Truth. 

God be with you on your journey.